Research, Development and Production of

Sustainable, Innovative and Renewable Energy Solutions




Ark provides customized solutions that best fit your own solutions to the customer’s needs, on both the HW and SW points of view. Customization is not a plus but a standard to make your systems more performing.


Ark takes advantage of the existing technology to monitor and control your own plant real-time and remotely, to be able to optimize the customer’s experience by analyzing the more relevant information. For this we create customized management solutions that allow to optimize the customer’s experience by analyzing and thus defining the most relevant information.


ARK develops its technologies based on national and international patents of own invention. This allows us to work on high quality, proprietary technology in constant development.



Arkimede is the photovoltaic pole designed to revolutionize both production and management of street lighting. Its vertical design allows you to make the most out of the sun rays. Thanks to a series of plug-ins Arkimede is fully customizable so as to adapt to each specific need. The Arkimede system can be monitored and allows remote interaction thanks to an advanced multi-system software of the latest generation.


Thanks to the real time remote control we can monitor and modify the parameters of interest. Thanks to the high customization we could also control video surveillance systems, environmental conditions, charging systems and all the plug-ins that can be implemented with ARK.


Thanks to the HW customization of Arkimede we can create a pole optimized to the environment, in which it will be installed in order to produce the energy needed for the plug it’ll have to manage and to the energy it’ll have to produce.


Allows easy installation without cabling needs due to its inner accumulators. Arkimede is able to manage all of its functions without any external power supply, which allows easy installation and maintenance.


Thanks to its modularity it is also possible to integrate a vertical wind turbine that allows to increase energy production by exploiting installations in windy areas. This means that with a single installation you can exploit two elements to produce energy further reducing the costs.


In our opinion, the future of cars is electric. For this reason ARK has developed a control unit that allows you to recharge the car directly from Arkimede. It can manage a light point with two charging sockets, site safety control with full-ranging webcam and electricity production to be exchanged on site. In case of power failure manages all the protections and functions to release the recharge and send information to the user.


The street lamp with patented Photovoltaic generator Innovark is guaranteed by structural calculation as per specification. The white light LED lamp (28W, 24V, 2740 Lumen) provides an intense and uniform lighting reducing consumption to a minimum, the orientation of the lamp is optimized to reduce waste and light pollution as much as possible. Unlike other panels it does not require large horizontal surfaces, is compact and can be placed in virtually any area radiated by the Sun without the need for invasive interventions for the landscape. Architecture and design have been designed to safeguard the environmental impact and to discourage vandalism.